Saturday, January 06, 2007

zzz. first week of school only and theres already homework. this is depressing. yikes. writing with your left hand is hard. i just decided to try and after lik so long, theres still no improvement -.- i wonder how ppl can write with both hands. dont you have to think to know what to write? how can you write lik uhh science with one hand and do maths with the other? its just doesnt seem possible.

anw, this week's been mighty boring. i sorta went 'shopping' with sal and ying yday. it was rather weird coz ying lost the diary she was gonna buy and coz it was placed front down, which means we only saw the back, we cudnt find it. the back is like black? grey? so we were looking out for the other colour and den in the end sal and ying found it. that reminds me... sal you better bring the alex rider books on mon or i'll kill you! i swear! xD. lol. ohh the book is so nice. i cant believe you let me read abit then i have to wait until mon to continue reading... WAAAA. hmms. i just realised sth. i have to go add sal to the list of links...

ah wells. ta-ta.