Wednesday, November 21, 2007

quek ying hui if you make me play any more badminton i will kill you. there. got that out of my system(:

i'm rather amused right now. i've revived my blog. fixed the links -though their BOUND to die soon- and got a nice new shiny tagboard (ok not shiny, but stillll). I'm being lame at the moment so decided to do some random quizes.

Your Famous Last Words Will Be:

"So, you're a cannibal."

heehee. we'll find out if its true in a few decades.

You Are a Powdered Devil's Food Donut
A total sweetheart on the outside, you love to fool people with your innocent image.On the inside you're a little darker, richer, and more complex.You're a hedonist who demands more than one pleasure at a time.Decadent and daring, you test the limits of human indulgence.

i have no idea what that is. *shrugs*

You Are Jean Grey
Although your fate is often unknown, you always seem to survive (even after death).Your mind is your greatest weapon, literally!
Powers: telepathy and telekinesis, the ability to project thoughts into the mind of others, communication with animals

hmmms. the telekinesis will be VERY helpful. so will the projecting thoughts thing. if only i can convince my mum that the little voice in her head is her conscience and she shud give me a holiday allowance(:

eeks. time to go. will be back soon with more lame quizes. nvr realised that they're so fun. but better late than never. toodles(: