Wednesday, December 05, 2007

zzz. IM VERY UPSET. and i shant say why(: HAHAHA. amused. im trying to decide if i shud bother using colours in my post. considering that the text is on white, i shant. ohhh. in my old old old old posts i coloured some words white. HAHAHA. -.- i've gone mad. zzz.

why am i posting?

i don't really know.

i have to get up at 6.30 tmr/today. in other words, 5hours time. i should be aslp.

winky is going to kill me.

i knocked her out with sleeping gas. or rather, omi did.

it's the 5th. oh dears. IM GOING ON HOLIDAY SOON. and i might not live to come back. oh dear. and i havent packed. havent done my homework. oh life is a sad thing. so sad. so very sad.

joey sleeps too early. and the chinese version of audi is small. and strange. and i hate story mode. (:

i shall never install maple. silas will be very upset if i do. hence, i love silas and shall not make him upset. and yeahs, my laptop is male(:

i love severus too. my favourite tall dark and loathsome imaginary character. sigh. he's so friggin sexy. sigh. im not a fangirl. i wan a snapey hug. zzz. they're the nicest.

frogs are cute. i lost my squishy frog. it's green. i'm going mad.

this post is so random. with so many enters. i love pressing my enter key.

it's the biggest key cept for the space bar and my left shift. my right shift is so small. i don't like it. and audi killed my right arrow key. it squeaks and wiggles now.

heehee. another enter. i love enters. do you? yes you do. i think i ate too many chocolate chips today. im vaguely delirious. or maybe it's the time.

but i was up till 5 that day. and nth happened.


i have to wake up at 6.30. THAT SUCKS. zzz. oh.

i've been typing for so long.

ok. toodles(: