Saturday, December 01, 2007

oh dear. it's december already. oh dear. oh dear. im leaving on the 18th. i have slightly more than two weeks to pack AND do my homework. oh dear oh dear. im so dead. dead. fishsticks.

zzz. this is bad. and i refuse to start on my chinese book review. upset. IT'S DECEMBER. OMG OMG OMG. sigh -.- i wasted another day. i feel so... i refuse to say unproductive coz some twisted ppl will just see a freakin double entendre in it and go nutters. zzz.

sigh. "life is like riding a bicycle, once you learn how to do it, you never forget." zzz. but it is worth learning how? i mean, all you get are scraped knees from learning how to cycle [unless you're my sis and banged into a wall. you don't want to know what happened. just know that it wasnt good]. and if i were to use some cliche quote right now, it'll probably be the one that says "i don't want to grow up. scraped knees are so much easier to fix than broken hearts." but then again, its not just about broken hearts. more like you only get one chance at life. zzz. if you mess up, you can't turn back time and do it again. but when ur learning to cycle, falling down once doesn't mean you can never get up and try again.

gahs. i sound emo don't i?

but i'm not. or at least i think im not. zzz. -.-

i need to bathe. wakeboarding looks cool. toodles.