Tuesday, June 19, 2007

tra la la. so dead blog! hahas. anw, im rather high from reasons not meant to be said, so thus, i shall update! (: whee! ok anw, i got this email notification thing from imvu, coz someone left a msg at my page. so being the lame peep i am, i went and browsed the photo galleries. man i cam whored -.- zzz. ok not the point. i cant believe i spent so much time on imvu! i had a pet dragon, pet bat and pet mouse! hahas. and all the weird looks i tried... heehee. ok im like reminiscing. going down memory lane. yada yado. hahas.

ok so some pics since i was bored and feeling very lame.

thats my character during my pirate craze with my pet dragon behind(:

then my character during my radioactive craze. check out the eyes xD

and then the cowboy craze... oh and thats my pet bat! it can do tricks, y'know.

the white thing on my shoulder is my pet mouse! hahas and this one is just random.

so is this one. hahas

ok anw, ying probably has more diff looks than my character but these shud be all. gahs. im so bloody lame. anw, i present to you, ying and her inky fashions! hahas. xD

i tink this was her first look. not sure but probably shud be.
and here, ying's white and shiny craze.

and then, another continuation of the white and shiny craze. heehees. i like the hair(:

i tink this came before the white and shiny craze but dno. hahas. too long ago to rmbr.

another one of ying's character in a dress. not sure when this took place. heehees. so im not a very good commentator but hey, its been a LONG time.
and heres another one from her white and shiny craze.

and another one again. ok that shud be the last look she had before we all quit. hahas. ying has a big wardrobe. hahas.

ok so now that we're done here, time to move on to jo. heehee. oh and since jo wasnt as uhhh frivolous as me and ying(: theres less pics to uhh... turn this to a very bimb post.
hahas. thats jo's first look since the starter look i tink. i like the shirt! and the hair is cool. ice blue! hahas.

her next look. i tink the hair is coooool. heehee.

oh and these are jo's shoes. their so nice, right? hahas.

ok and here's nat's most famous look.

the "im supposed to be dead but i dont want to die yet" look. hahas. oh and cool katanas.

oh and i mentioned being very lame right? look! my own torture chamber! mwahahahaha!

ok so thats me executing myself. heehee. SPLAT! hahas. and my head falls into the basket(:

and thats jo's being particularly sadistic. shes tickling my foot with a feather while im strapped down. heehee. doesnt really work considering that the shoe's on but still. hahas.and here, ying's being dangled like a chicken by the foot! hahas!

ok so enough with the torture scenes. this one is one of me and nat doing rooftop dancing. whoo!

and me and ying dancing again at some cafe scene. they named the cafe "buckstar cafe" -.- zzz.

me and ying at the bachelor pad scene i bought. heehee.

and ying talking to some really cool guy with flames. note, i browsed ying's, jo's and nat's galleries too so thats where some of the pics came from.

and jo carrying me. hahas!

SPLAT! hahas. thats jo who uhh... fell out of a ferris wheel and died. hahas!

and of course, some censored les behaviour between me and nat. *sniggers* xD

ok so im done going down memory lane. heehees. thanks for joining us and that's all we have for today. hahas! byebye(: