Wednesday, June 20, 2007

hello. im back again. turns out im really gonna revive this... zzz. i need to change the skin, but cant find anything nice... pfft. anw, i am SOOO dead. like DOOMED. all the holiday hw and even now, im not doing it. sigh. so going to have to chiong everything, esp art which i dont think i shall even do. i wanna read my book! they like just got to the exciting part. all those "final battle" scenes. well actually its not at that major climax yet but hell its so bloody exciting. cant wait for the final climax. hehee. i tink i shall give up reading ff. no bloody time if i wanna play audi and read this series at the same time. heehee.

gahs. school's starting! AHHH. hahas. my phone's been dying on a regular basis again. pfft. and jo got a new phone! wonder how it looks like... anw, i seriously think im just trying to put off doing hw by posting this. nvm. i shall do some random topic hopping.

i love linkin park's song Leave Out All The Rest. it bloody ROCKS. its so damn nice k... i think its the best song in the album. WHOO! hahas. my sis doesnt agree with me but who cares. it rocks! heehee. ok next random topic

AUDI SO BLOODY LAGS. actually my entire com lags but hell, every com ive used has been laggy. and joey just sreamed sth abt tom and jerry on msn. oh right. there was one day where 5 baffoons came over to my hse for lit circle right. and jo and sal stayed for dinner. and in the end, we were watching garfield 2, a tale of two kitties, and it was SO FUNNY! hahas. i rmbr the part where the guy's gf was saying garfield cud do with some serious ab work. heehee. or at least i tink it was garfield, or maybe it was prince... hmms dno. but its so funny.

u noe, im tempted to run off and read my book... its so cool k. i once tried explaining the story line to dom, but its so complicated i tink i just made him more confused. heehee. but i tink harry potter had some basis on this. so bleedy similar at some parts. zzz.

oh yes! book 7! and the movie! WHEEE. cant wait. in the movie right, luna is realllyyyyy pretty. and tonks get cool hair, but its looks like sth nature wud never have made. hahas. i tink its purple. heehee. purple is a nice colour(: oh but harry has horrible hair. horrible! when me and ying went to watch gui ah gui ah at bugis right, we were staring at the giant boards and poking at them. anw, we figured that the ugly looking hag peep was umbridge. at first we tot it was like rita skeeter. and its damn sad k. they dont have snape on one of the posters or boards thing. but i bet he'll get like some giant lifesize model or sth like that for the 6th movie. heehee. dumbly dies! hahas.

you know, when i read the 6th book long time ago, i was damn sad at dd's death. but half a year of ff later, im all for dumbledore bashing! hahas. oh but too much ff is bad. i keep getting confused over what happened in the book, and what happened in ff. and the story line in the book aint very good... zzz. ff's have much better storylines. i tink the only reason hp is popular is coz of the universe rowling made. its so cool, with all the magical boarding school and muggle oblivators things. hahas. oh and quidditch rox! but i doubt anyone i noe wud be willing to fly a broom if brooms could fly. its bloody scary. its like... sitting on a stick 5 stories high! and i tink the seekers are even scarier. its faster than free fall i tink... gahs. it's probably like jumping off a building face first! eeee! no wonder hermione doesnt like flying. its probably a muggleborn thing. hahas. but then, its still cool! i wish we had brooms that cud fly... maybe one day they can... all the sci-fi things. then we can play quidditch! heehee. but i'll probably be too hold to even hold a broom by then if im even still alive. zzz.

ah wells. im hungry for chocolate so byebye!