Monday, January 22, 2007

hellos! first day of CSP today. quite ok actually. ying sal and i reached there early and we were like... wandering into the general office and then at first they didnt know what we were there for. then there was this other teacher, thankfully, who apparently knew about the thing. hahas. okayes im in this LSP thing and then little people come in and learn to read. so i was basically spending most of my time watching the tr read teach the kiddies how to read words and all. and then she read to them this book called "super dan, the fix-it man". it was abit... colourful... in its most literal sense. it had alot of pictures and after watching the tr repeat the same thing for 3 classes, i cud almost memorise the whole story, which wasnt very long... ohh and sal popped by along with the second grp that came in. apparently the tr she was attached to didnt know what to do with her(: hahas~!

ohh and geog presentation turned out ok today, thank merlin murphy's rule didnt come true. ALOT of things cud have gone wrong. phew~ i seriously think me and ying need to un-addict ourselves from fanfic. we were reading late into the night again this morning... i went off at 2. ying was on to later i think... dunno. ohh and sal's portfolio is SCARY. its so THICK. yeah there are drafts and all but its still so pro... waaa. lol. the CAP is a nine months mentorship attachment thing. i dont think i can handle it and i doubt i'll get in, since my portfolio was so last minute.

i feel bad abt having to skip cca tmr... i just transferred and now im missing the first few cca days coz of IVP crap. damn... and gahs. pam wants me to go to the class forum... i didnt even go last year. xD. teehee. ahh wells... might as well go now.

toodles. and to miss teo AND ying, i so do not elevate teen angst to shakespearen proportions. and thats still my line btw. xD. bleahhhs. CHEERS!