Friday, March 18, 2011


the week's ending again :( normally i look forward to fridays and today was a special friday but because of the terrible things that take place next week, today wasn't a very nice friday. i'm just not ready for next week to happen; i completely haven't touched bio and econs and they're the heavy content subjects, which is probably why i've been avoiding them. the other two aren't doing much better either but nvm, not graded so no need to stress out over them that much. *breatheeeee* and ivp tmr, so excited~ i hope we don't get owned too badly :S

anyway, random thought: why do so many people like starbucks' green tea frapp? the other drinks are nice too! oh and random comment: the best thing about using the starbucks tumbler is that you can violently shake your frapp once it starts separating into the ice and coffee layers :D

and even more random comment: i feel like converting to the new blogger template system but it feels as if i'm betraying all my (already dying off) coding roots. no more styling #containers and .headers and just drag boxes around or select options in drop down menus etc etc etc. urgh geek moment.

okay so since this post is so random and trivial, here's a short excerpt from the story book i'm reading (yes i'm still reading them even though blocks are next week whee~)
"It starts out young -- you try not to be different just to survive -- you try to be just like everyone else -- anonymity becomes reflexive -- and then one day you wake up and you've become all those other people -- the others -- the something you aren't. And you wonder if you can ever be what it is you really are. Or you wonder if it's too late to find out." - Microserfs by Douglas Coupland
the amount of food for thought in the book is kinda amazing, especially since everything just sort of flows out in simple everyday conversational words and you don't actually know what it was in the book that strikes you or made an impact but as you read you realise that somehow you weren't the person you were when you were at page 1 and yet somehow you can't pinpoint what's changed. and wow. long sentence. but yeah, the beauty of books ^^

ok i sort of got distracted and i don't remember what other completely unrelated stuff i wanted to add so tata for now~