Friday, March 25, 2011


wahaha i really converted to the new blogger template, though it's not as simple as i thought it was. still needed to do some css styling cause the original template was just so... standardized.

and BLOCKS ARE OVER YOZZZ. okay so they have been for like 1 day and this is kinda late to be celebrating it but wheeeeeeeeeeeeee~ life has been good so far even though today did not go as planned and that was quite :( but ish okayz derre's tmrx and ivp will be fun. i hope earth hour/ultimate mini-outing will be too :D

and omg nydc's oreo cheesecake... @@ tonguegasmic!! i will get to trying all their cakes i dont care screw my resolutions ^^ but okay all things in moderation before i get too fat to fit through mrt gantries D:

and recently i've been thinking about things that make me happy and wow the list just keeps getting longer. maybe i'll post it one day if i can dredge it out from my bottomless pit of muses :D and have you ever wondered where the looney tunes characters who fall into big black holes end up? what could possibly be on the other side of a flat 2D plane :/