Monday, April 04, 2011

you gotta believe them

life has been like walking 5 dogs all at once, which honestly is a real headache; but not impossible, no definitely not. you just have to keep them all in sight and step quickly before they trip you with their leashes. know where you want to go and stick to your path; deviate only for greener grass. beware of bigger dogs... and signposts that appear out of nowhere.

this is really the strangest analogy ever.


ive been super tired recently, and i'm starting to neglect homework. not a very good idea, but old habits die hard :/ actually i can't remember what i wanted to post about but it's been so long since my last post that i feel like i should have one, if only just so that my future self xxx months from now wont check back and wonder "did i fall down a hole or something?" there isn't much to write about concerning school, except i think im starting to get on a lot of teachers' bad sides, oops.

attachment at mt pleasant has been amazing fun and even though weekends aren't exactly rest days anymore, i really still look forward to them. i think i'd be happy working in an environment like that, even though it's rather tiring. but i love how its so dynamic and every day is different, despite doing many routine things. but the feeling of working with animals is just... amazing and the staff there are all so friendly. i guess it'll suffice to say that i'm glad i applied for the attachment :)