Saturday, January 02, 2010


hahas. saw that on doughnutcrazy's latest skin and it just amused me greatly (i'm a geek. i'm allowed to find geeky stuff like this funny). anyway, click it please. and ie really sucks. (ying you should totally try mff or something)

and guess what! my aunt gave me this giant bag of... BUBBLEWRAPPPP!!!! it's amazingly awesome and i feel like popping every last bubble but that teeny tiny bit of me that's still sane tells me that that would be very childish. so i shall save it all for ODD :( and did you know bubblewrap comes in colours? i have some green one (yay slytherin!) and apparently they come in yellow too, according to my mum.

and i think i killed a little part of me when i had to turn away from that awesome mango sweater selling at 39 D; if only some mysterious nice person would buy it for me *weeps* unfortunately real money is a lot more precious than neopoints so i guess i wont be getting any surprises like the baabaa.

and it occurs to me that money itself is worthless. its just a piece of paper. you can't eat it (or at least i dont think so), you cant wear it (recalls a dollarnote dress), you cant play with it (unless you're a little wacky up there). all you can do is spend it. money is just a representation of your spending power, and you can't take a number to the grave. so... spend money? ;D