Friday, January 08, 2010


ying's random work of art?

my shoe corner, after much readjustment and before i realised i didn't necessarily have to put all my shoes there.

anyway today i woke up exceptionally early at 9.45am (;D) and went off very drowsy and confused. mailed stuff at paya lebar, accompanied ying to get her topshop loreta shoes at vivo, met zinc and jen at bugis, finally got a school bag at bugis street. it's in brown, and so is the hc uniform, but what the heck.

after that we went to zinc's house and i fooled around like a total nub at the piano while the other three tried to help me sound less befuddled. unfortunately my left hand doesnt seem to like my right so i gave up and went to play wii mario kart :D and equally unfortunate was the fact that i'm a complete failure at it except when i'm using the nunchucks. and even then i'm still falling off the track all the time -.-

after that we amused ourselves with some karoke and i sort of forced upon them my very atrocious off-key wailing. zinc very kindly tried to help me by pointing up and down to help me find the key. honestly, i'm totally tone deaf.