Thursday, January 07, 2010


lol? and thank goodness eric's not in twilight, or he wouldn't be the sexy viking vampire that he is ;D

oh and ying, i guess that's the picture you were referring to?

and finally, the new year resolutions i've been avoiding.
1. sleep by 11.00pm every night
2. procrastinate less (note i didn't say stop procrastinating cause that's impossible)
(also note that my resolutions seem to be 7 days late)
3. read more classics (english preferably, but maybe chinese? *cringes*)
4. learn a new language/dialect (product of going to korea where i didn't understand a word)
5. learn an instrument maybe? (ha piano lessons with ying haven't progressed pass c major scales -.-)

and that's it for now i guess.
i need to go bathe soon or i wont be able to accomplish #1.

oh and that did you hear about the morgans movie is not bad, though they used up all the funny bits in the trailer.