Tuesday, January 12, 2010

wanna wake up in a dream

tns-gep chalet was absolutely amazing. it was awfully crowded when we got there on the first day but when people slowly drifted home, the group was cut down to a nice comfy number. i guess i'm the kind of person who just finds small groups more cozy :]

anyway, there was lots of card-playing, aimless walking and nonsensical conversations and of course very little sleeping. though i'm quite sure i slept the most :D on the first night went to sleep at 2+am after eating too many pizzas and laughing at all the people who had to/were getting shot, shagged or married. oh and twister just looked really wrong, but being the announcer of the spinning arrow was perfectly enjoyable :)

we woke up at 6am to go catch the sunrise but that completely failed since we ended up facing north (and i still wonder how an iphone can have a compass). we ended up getting extremely freaked out by a very strange incident then went back and i slept like a log :D its really quite weird though, to wake up at some point to being poked by zinc and then being poked awake by joey awhile later, but i guess that's not as weird as going to sleep while staring at someone's feet. (people who sleep in chairs scare me) (people who sleep on tables scare me more)

i guess the funniest part was when everyone changed into our uniforms and somehow it just felt so elitist :X we're supposed to be from the top schools and we just walked passed everyone in our almost all-white uniforms and it felt strange. but funny too ;D the guys really all grew taller :( (and pling is taller than me now D; )

the rest after that wasn't very spectacular, other than my lost to joey in speed :/ went home at 9+pm and that's about it :/

oh and i shall post all the extra pictures that we took trying to get a cover shot for ODD post tomorrow :D too tired to go resize and edit now.

Oh, oh.
They’re telling me it’s beautiful.
I believe them, but will I ever know
the world behind my wall.
Oh, oh.
The sun will shine like never before.
One day I will be ready to go,
see the world behind my wall.