Wednesday, January 20, 2010

it is unhealthy to have an obsession with phallic objects

it's been so long since i've done any form of physical exertion, 3 years to be exact, that just one day of "training" (it didn't really count since i fooled around a lot) completely killed my ability to move with any semblance of normality. i've been coming down the stairs by leaning against the banister and sliding down while forcing my legs to stumble along to prevent a painful fall to a most likely death. walking is a lot easier since my hands are better able to assist. progress tends to be exponentially slower than my usual snail-like pace. sitting down on the floor was only achieved out of a desperation to get to food.

right now, i'm quite happy in my chair, thank you very much. and since the only thing i usually do while sitting in a chair is use the com, i'm equally happy to continue doing so. i'm not sure why i'm blogging though :/ maybe it was just an avenue for me to let loose the torrent of bombastic prose i've picked up after reading two hundred thousands words of fanfiction involving snape. unfortunately, he has yet to share any exotic phrases/colourful swearing that i would be more interested in learning.

this shall hence be my cue to go look for some belly-dancing jewelery, for no particular reason except that the complex necklaces are all breathtakingly beautiful. and there was absolutely no link in my jump in logic. i've been scarily whimsical recently. my current finances are in a state deserving copious amounts of shock and worry.

sadly, i don't think i'll ever be sastified until my jeffrey campbells arrive. expect bathtubs of tears and wails of utter despair should they not fit my anxious feet. the fact that all i can look forward to tomorrow is yet another english diagnostic test is hardly helping.

most importantly, i am desperately in need of an extremely thick sweater. my bodily enzymes tend to deactivate easily, so pardon me should i fall asleep at a critical point in some academic activity.