Wednesday, December 13, 2006

tra la la. im actually posting o.O wow. harhars. im actually waiting for sal to finish reading the starting of my compo and so i shall wait. dum dee dum dee dum. -.- well since im posting might as well make use of this to ramble. hmms. well im DEFINITELY falling behind on homework, thats for sure. i havent done anything and the science looks too hard to try. i don't know what to write for the NSW compo so im gonna leave that for later. you noe, i REALLY need to go shopping. i need a new wallet and bag for next year. i got a nice pencil case already so tts settled. and as usual, shall rattle on abt being broke etc etc. I HATE CHEM. lol. violent outburst xD. thank the bleedy chem textbook next to me. no way am i doing my science hw! WAAAA. lol. im being VERY random here k? eeks. im going on holiday this sat and i havent even started packing. im DEAD. o.O heck. i need to lose weight man. IM HEAVY. waaaaa~ lol. ohh and im thinking of writing this poem for the compo i asked sal to read, but ive nvr really do well with poems that actually have a point. i wanna write sth deep, but i think thats beyond me. im not a very deep person. aiya i think im addicted to hp. stupid ffs. now everything i write is similar to hp. argh ok shall end here. toodles(x