Saturday, July 15, 2006

ahhh-choo! i think im coming down with a flu... hahas. anw, im aching all over! arhhh! ((:

homework homework homework. SO MUCH HOMEWORK. trs are unfair! they are evil!! opps. i havent done my zuo wen... supposed to hand up today. after softball. nvms. joey and sal didnt hand up too. ((:

havent been blogging for a few days. too tired. i dont understand why i do my homework! i rush it out and forget to hand it in the next day. in the end, its still overdue. wads the point? :/

gosh. im in debt! i owe so many ppl money! ahhh! hahas. maple rawks! ((: i spent lik so many hours maplin. but was wasted on lagging.... LAG. this guy came and bugged me during lik, my serious training time whr i dun chat. stupid ass. jus coz i got sum chaos robe thingy he bugged me until i ended giving it to him. and sum weapon and lvl 35 earing too. not lik it means much to me but it was just annoying.

wen i was gonna log off, i met this guy... he was lik lvl 28 sin-wannabe. lik me. and we were lik comparing stats. i wonder wad happened to a few of my missing AP. it seems he had mor den me... how come? did i pump any in hp/mp? cudnt b... i wasnt tt noob to do tt... ohh wells. turns out his sin used to b a storage, lik mine. den he got a bored of his lvl 51 cleric n decided to play his sin. hahas. tad was exactly e same for me. wad a coincidence. really. my cleric is lvl 51 too, if u didnt noe.

i think depression caught up on me. so far, ive been too busy to get depressed but not tt its the wkends, im starting to sink. mayb its better to b busy non stop. but tad wud b crazy. ohh wells. i lurv the dog bek gaf. its sitting nxt to the doggie i bot myself for christmas a few yrs back, together wif the ducky from nat. hahs. ducky.