Monday, July 17, 2006


hahas. im just so HAPPY. jus spent a day taking neoprints and eating swensens at bugis! lalala. neoprints were so fun! we took twice and blew like 6 bucks each hahas. we were like fightin to do the deco and ying is SUCH a over-deco-person. hahas. really!

lols. oooo! i saw this REALLY NICE bag at the wallet shop *hint hint* its $33... but nvm. i'll get it sumday, sumhow! ahhh! hahas. it was damn NICE. so cool. i wanna buy a pencil case too. its like black wif this pink drawing of a gal and deres words. sth along the lines of "girls are like tea bags, you nvr noe how strong dey are until dey are in hot water blah blah blah." haha. i'll get tt wen ive saved enuf. rite now im BROKE. yes! its official! i spent $20 in ONE day. arghhhh. i nid to learn to save!

the ice cream was nice. we ordered lik five scoups but it looked so bare. hmms. we had cookies n cream, orange sherbet, mango, mac nuts and chocolate sth. tts 5 rite? hahas. im gonna get DAMN fat.

sch was BORING. chinese was so lame. science was worst... oooh. we haf our prac test tmr. eeeee. chels kips remindin me bout it... well, i'll just read throu tmr morning. eeks. match against pei cai tmr!

hahas. im talkin on the phone and eating cheese balls! cheeseeeeee! haha. ooo. my keyboard is turning a faint orange. hahas. buh buaizzzzz...