Monday, July 10, 2006

yo all! its monday! ive got sch and im still awake. hehe. nvm. no biggy. i cant wait! neoprints! cant wait for sch to be over and go j8. ((: hehes. my SHIFT key on the right kips dying. the CTRL doesnt work too. sigh. i guess i shudnt bully my com so much. now its gettin its revenge :(

im so dead! i handed up my chinese portfolio on fri but it was alredi 1 wk late! minus lik... 40marks? ard dere. and maths MAD on sat... tt was bad. i cud see ppl sleeping.

argh. and my new spectacles... left them in library. hope no one takes them. *crosses fingers. i haf to check first thing tmr morning. if i dont find them im so dead . my mom will kill me...

sigh. yk wun tell me his blog add. unfair! grrrr. hehe nvm. im selling my brown bandana on maple for 7m+! i'm so happy! ive nvr had tt much money b4! wheeeee...! lalalala.

bop bop bop, bop to the top! ((: