Thursday, July 27, 2006

hahahas. wheeee.
im bored. i shud be doing my map for maths.... sigh. later. eeks tmr match against rg... nervous. hahas. bek n me were discussing sum random n suddenly she just went bye n disappeared! thats so MEAN! waaaa. hahas
lets see... sabbats haf been boring so far. i didnt realised that time passed so fast. its thurs liaos. n my grp hasnt started on science sia! argh. stuuuupid science sia. so busy how to do? and tt ying arh, always dunno doing wad. aiyo. why am i talking so weird? i sound... funny
hahas. im broke! as usual... n still havent gotten that bag. gosh. mayb i shud start coming up wif a chirstmas wish list. hahas. i wish.
chinese portfolio thingy due soon... dun noe how im gonna find 10 chinese related activites to do... die... sigh...
AHHH. exams nxt week! im so doomed o.O buh byes. cya in heaven... or hell...