Sunday, July 23, 2006

yo ppl! i just realised im blogging less and lesser these days... hahas. i wanna buy tt bag! the one at mini toons at TM. i checked the mini toons at pp but dey dun haf it dere. darnnn. ohh ny glitters was so cool. hahas. but everything was so weird... basically alot of dances and songs. i didnt get the performance by the theatre club. dey lik suddenly stopped halfway and den dragged ppl from the audience up to stage.

i think queenie looked weird at the concert. pink and flowery black. hmms. miss teo looked nice. den again, she always dresses weirdly nice. hahas. chelsea looked scary skinny in her black outfit. its freaky! shes so skinnyyyy. sal was in this chao mature dress thingy... hmms. wif funny shoes and a handbag. o.O handbag... hahas. her hair looked freaky too. it was lik covering one eye all the time. scary man! bleahhhs. ying, as usual, wore a mini skirt. tts normal ying so i tink u all pretty much can imagine it. joey was in all black, quite normal too. niclette had this really nice necklace! oooohs the blue was such a nice shade... hahas.

eeks. gotta do hm >.< yeah rite... mayb one day i'll do my hw b4 playing. hahas. i tink i'll maple awhile... the spawn the at the z lupins sux...