Friday, August 11, 2006

i just realised. the previous post was my 13th one, not 6th. it just looked that way coz it was only showing like 5 posts on a page >.< hahas. so blurrr.

RISE concert was ok i guess. i found the conductor's change in coats amusing. the tails were bouncing ard! hahaha! and i feel a little pukish thx to the long taxi ride. wooooo. I JUS BLEW 50 BUCKS TODAY. stupid concert. 12 bucks ticket, 5 bucks dinner, 3 bucks ice cream, 14 bucks taxi ride, and the 20 more is... hmms. i'll most probably spend it some whr later on. sigh

chewing gum makes me sick. esp when u chew for 5 hours non stop. ewwww. hahaha. makes me think of hisoka n his pansy gum nen thingy. ohhhh hisoka is cute. wow. im infatuated wif a joker -- thats wad he looks lik in the anime but i think hes cute. illumi is nice too. his facial features are very... delicate. they look really nice n i think his long black hair is cool. i seem to lik all the characters ppl normally dislike coz dey are the bad guys. ohh wells. im weird. hehe.

i dunno wad i shud do now... maplin doesnt sound that appealing even thou i MUST beat bek's lvl sumhow or the other. by hook or by CROOK. ((: hook basically means non stop chiong-ing. i guess crook is getting ppl to help...

sigh... lalalala. i shall go post on the guild blog now. bye byes