Saturday, November 28, 2009

my head's pounding like a drummer on crack

today turned out to be a strangely cultural day, considering how i woke up and spent half of it reading. anyway, visited my paternal grandma, then went to little india where sis and i got henna and then found this really cute shop with all sorts of fun things. we bought reindeer ears for 1.50 only which is awesome. was considering buying this light saber thing which actually lights up when it comes into contact with something. but then we had to go so my parents pulled us away from our mock fight and left this about 6-year-old girl playing on her own. ok, so maybe my mum was justified in calling us childish.

anyway, went to this temple dinner thing and i can still hear the man shouting prices in hokkien. basically there was this bid thing going on and boy, was he loud. and repetitive. on the bright side, now i can count from 1 to 10 in hokkien though i'll probably forget everything by tomorrow.

we left the dinner early cause it was late (hey i used use oxymorons in a sentence :D) and my sis needed to pee but refused to use those portable potties. got home, then ended up having a.. heated discussion with said sis over superficial things, ie looks. honestly, zinc is uncountable times prettier than my sis. and i know this, cause i've had to live with my sis for 13 years and i've seen enough pictures of zinc while working on odd. that, and i used to see her almost everyday when school was still on.

really, i wish my sis would stop insulting my friends. *huffs*

on a side note, i still find androgenous people good-looking, though i'm quite sure i'm not bisexual. why? cause right now, i really really really really hate breasts. there, i've said it. the big bad booby word. i mean they're just two big, or sometimes small, lumps on your chest. like, if they were anywhere else, everyone would have them removed. like tumours or cancers. so what is this thing with breasts. (ha i said it again) they're uncomfortable and heavy and totally un-aerodynamic, so one day if humans ever can fly, women will end up slower not cause of any metabolism shit but because they have breasts. honestly, breasts aren't even beneficial to females, they just mean you could end up with breast cancer. behold, the pink ribbon.

and since i seem to be on a roll (towards an early grave), breast removal surgery is called mastectomy btw. and going for it when you don't need it is as stupid as going for breast implants cause every surgery has its risks and it would totally suck to die from blood loss or some icky infection.

and i seem to have ended up at a completely different point from what i wanted to say. oh screw, my hand thinks on its own so don't blame me. this is also why guns are kill people. and before i stuff even more foots (feet?) in my mouth, i shall just stare at space.

which you could do too; just look to the left/right of your screen :D

for the record, i really love this skin and whooo. long post (y)