Monday, November 30, 2009

a murky response for jo

since i don't think i have the stamina to do long detailed posts like jo's, i shall keep it simple. really, life is a lot easier that way.

so yesterday i found a cup of milk i'd poured but later forgot about. since it's usually not safe to drink milk that's been left out for a long time, i was sad at wasting the milk. then i looked into the cup and realised that i'd already drank about two thirds of it. i was then not as sad when i had to pour the rest of the milk down the sink.

most of the time, wasting it all is really just that - a waste. but forcing it done when it's too late will just make you sick and extremely unhappy. so i live the kind of life where i don't have to go to the extreme, somewhere in between is fine with me. sometimes it's fun to mess up the lines.

then again, as i mentioned to ying, different backgrounds, different views.