Thursday, December 03, 2009

fingers crossed

went to watch Christmas Carol today with ying, zinc, sming and addie and the movie did absolutely nothing for me. since i haven't actually seen/read any other version (except for a warped one which involved a vampire so that doesn't count), i was kinda hoping for it to be more... impactful. but the whole mood(?) of the thing was mostly ---------- in other words, completely monotonous.

before it started zinc said some reviews mentioned it was scary so i was all hyped up for some good horror. but apart from a few very small parts, it wasn't. how absolutely disappointing. and i think some parts that were meant to be scary were actually quite rediculously funny. like the laughing skull. honestly that just reminded me of some MJ video with a moonwalking skeleton to the point where i burst out laughing. and speaking of the spirits, i couldn't stand the way the first one talked so... draggy and echoe-y? it was like he thought we were idiots and he had to speak slowly for us -.- and then the second one just kept laughing and that was irritating. he also had a lot of chest hair, which is a big no-no. and since he was wearing a bath robe thing, i almost thought he was going to flash when he whipped it open :/ and having Ignorance and Want (yeah with the capital I and W; talk about corny) hiding at his feet was just disturbing since i think he was wearing a dress/skirt or something. i just had too many images of them crawling under to take a peak at the big guy.

i guess this is why ying thinks i'm vulgar. and at this rate i think i'm going to hell :/

anyway, ohdoubledamn seems to coming along alright, though it's quite slow but hey, we have our first sold out item already :D and since it's always better to end on a positive note, i'll stop here and continue reading my book. apparently my sis is reading another vampire series. i wonder if hers has booby girls too :/