Sunday, November 22, 2009

to keep or not to keep

i seem to be posting more recently :/ *shrug* i guess i'm just too bored what with everyone else being overseas. and me being stuck in a creative writing course that actually has homework *head, table* anyway, i think i'm in love with my marble washed jeans. no idea what thats means, but i feel like i'm wearing a patch of the sky when i prance around in it :)

and of course, the boots came. and my mum freaked. and i freaked. and i fell in love. again. but since i can't keep both pairs, i had to make a painful choice between the two. sigh, why weren't humans created with eight legs? that would totally justify me buying 10 pairs in 2 months. thank goodness i managed to get rid of some impulse buys. and here... oh well i love the buckle ones too much to part with them so i'll miss you, you short studded things.

and my posts seem to be getting more and more frivolous :/ zzz.