Thursday, November 12, 2009

"shoes make me happy. i'm superficial. whatever."

at last count it was 19 pairs of shoes. with 2 more coming. ohhhh i'm so dead the moment my mum finds out. then again, i still have the first pair of sneakers i ever bought, and that was almost 7 years ago. (bah i'm sentimental like that) so if i can't let go of the old, will i ever be able to bring in the new without feeling bone wrecking guilt? i guess it's a good thing i'm trying to sell the pairs that i've yet to have worn, meaning that there's still no emotional dependency on them yet.
on another note, me and ying spent an insane 150bucks at topshop yesterday. it hasn't really sunk in yet, but oh. my. god. and i don't regret it one bit. cause after lusting over it for months on end, i finally managed to buy the aztec boots. a little loose, but fits fine with an insole. and it was only 60bucks, compared to the original 180+. and since everything we got was on sale, we saved 260bucks so yes it was worth it.

but of course, now i'm completely broke. which is depressing. cause there was an amazing pair of jeans at f21 today. sigh, this is a sign that i'm going shopping too much. i'd like to blame ying. if she didn't lose her ezlink nor did she need to get her eyes checked (which she didn't do in the end -.-), i would be about 100 dollars less poor right now. but... honestly i'm quite happy that she dragged me out of my bed at insane hours (really, it's not normal to wake up before 1pm during the school hols). so thanks, even though you're not a rich friend but hey you're a nice friend so i guess that's enough.

and don't you dare sell your babies away. (sounds... wrong)

and buy me nice things in uk. or at least take pictures of hot long haired guys. and since you've reminded me, i shall promote ODD! please click the image below to be directed to the best thing you'll ever see in... awhile? i can't actually say in your life, since our next collection may be better :D anyway, yes, do support ying, zinc and i at our soon-to-be-opened blogshop. you can check out the preview now and sign up for our mailing list.

thank you!