Friday, July 04, 2008

three hundred and eighty eight

:D funfair today was fun! and our class earned $388! ok so that ain't a lot but still.... considering the fact that i thought we were gonna die... yeah it's quite good. did a lot of painting today, and painted a masquerade mask on ying. which doesnt look very good but uh yeahs. it's not too bad for a first time thing k!

then yeahs did random hand painting. played around with some freehand stuff. random stuff yeahs. sadly, no pics cause joey refuses to send me. she insists i make a facebook account and get the pics from her fb but blah! i suppose it doesnt really make a diff.

oh and lao shi, mr ang, mrs lai, ms hanim and some tr i don't know came to get hand painting from our stall :D lao shi got this really pretty sun thingy and mr ang got this macho looking tattoo like painting. hahahahaha. can't rmbr which hand painting design mrs lai took, but i just know they were really mean to her and sprayed her with lots of hairspray. ms hanim got a rose design and i did a random free hand thing for that tr i don't know. hehs.

so sad no one would let me paint their face freehand :(

but thank god for joey's stencils man. without them we wudnt have been able to paint anything, i swear. and sal's hairspraying was freaky. oh and i ate half a shepherd's pie, one baked rice and two ice cream floats :D for some reason that doesnt add up to 10 bucks. wonder where my coupons went. zzz.