Thursday, July 03, 2008

bandwidth went boom

hahas. my bandwidth exceeded again. *hops around and sticks out tongue at those people with "bandwidth exceeded" images splattered across like blogs*

who ask you don't upload the images to your own photobucket/imageshack/whatever accs. heh heh heh.

then again, i shouldnt be so happy cause i'ts 2 in the morning and i'm still awake. but what the heck. i bet i'm slowly taking years off my life by sleeping so little but hell. that might actually be a good thing, considering how the world seems to have been predestined for doom in the near future. i just hope i get to read a good ff before i die.

or the world ends.

or something.

sigh. i should be doing my lang arts reflections... but it's so... irritating in that i have no idea what to write. and i find it really weird that they make us write reflections and then grade them. for one, reflections are personal, what gives anyone the right to read them. for two, they're my reflections, what gives anyone the right to say how good it is. heh. they want me to reflect on what i've learnt, well this is what i learnt from my lang arts sia.

but sigh, since when have we been given a choice. we're made to do reflections so often and i suppose thats the reason why everything has become so standard in most reflections. i mean, you can't exactly expect a student to bare their hearts on some piece of paper and then hand it on a silver platter to the teacher to either praise or rip to shreds.

i think the whole idea of reflections is a really twisted one.

oh and yes, i've change my blogskin. took me a long time to code. any comments?

and i reallyyyy like this song. if it hasn't started playing, either turn up your volume or wait for it to load. it's worth a listen.