Thursday, October 05, 2006

ying, this is for you. and other random ppl, mind your own business.

ying im really sorry. i didnt know it affected you so much. its... just that i never knew. you werent one to express urself much, and i only really got to know you this year. im really sorry if all ive said or done has hurt you in some way, but im really really sorry. i know i've not been a good fren but i have not forgotten wad you've done for me. im really sorry but i dunno wad else i can do but apologise. i know im pathetic, i know what i've done is wrong and i hope you'll forgive me.

im truly sorry
please, you're making me worry
i know that i've been mean
so now im coming clean

there were some things i didnt share
simply cause i didnt dare
i was afraid of what you would say
and hid them from you each passing day

i was afraid of what you would do
i just had no clue
i didnt want you hurt
and for what i've done go ahead and treat me like dirt

at times i thought you knew
at times you acted like a different you
all i can do now is apologise
wad else can i do otherwise

im not trying to find an excuse
for i know its no use
'im sorry' is all i can say
for i cant think of another way

please forgive me.