Tuesday, October 03, 2006

hello. whee. my blog will b officially 3months old on 5th oct! whee. 2 more days(: hahas. ok yeah im lame. blah. tmr is.... lang arts paper 2.... only one paper so quite short. whee! i need to study history and science.. shall kiip this a short post... or considerably short one? hahas. well... today was chinese... paper 1 and 2. yeah the letter thingy which i completely messed up and the pathetic compo... it wasnt even a complete two pages and i saw ppl writing like 3/ pages! waaaa! hahas. my compos have always been lousy xD ohh and yeah the letter thing... i dont noe wads chuan ti zuo ye! hahahaha. okkies lets see... i shud b going to do revision in like 10mins? give or take 5. hahas. lalala. hmms wad else? ohh yeah. im tryin to dl the hxh musical thing... but its not doing very well you see. hahahas. its lik... moving VERY slowly... i tink i'll jus rely on joey to dl, den go her hse watch. hahahahs ; wheee. my sms has gone sky high! must learn to refrain! >< archie comics are amusing... was reading one jus now during dinner. you noe josie and the pussycats? i dont see wads so great abt melody... shes a BIMBOOOOOO. hahas. like ying! ((: wheee. ying is a bimbo. ying is a bimbo. ying is a bimbo. *sing song voice xD hahahas. cant wait for exams to be over! me sal and ying haf this shopping thing in plan but i need MONEY. money money money. waaaa. hahaha. im always in need of money... at least im not in debt now but during the hols no allowance! how? so many bday presents to get... i must save! i shall not eat mac/kfc more den once a week. i shall not spend more than 2 bucks on days tt we have lunch in sch. i must not splurge on drinks/chocolate/ice cream/erhs... and other random things. i think i wont be able to finish this post to go study. sigh... im procrastinating AGAIN. im stoning so much i think if all the time i've spent stoning was added together, i cud haf built a pyramid of cookies... wheee. hahas. i wan cookies... cant wait for eoys to be over. two days down and 4 more to do! wheeee! hahas. im most worried abt history, science and maths. coz those are the subjects i can actually study for and i nvr can convince myself to study... theres jus no mood and so much distraction... sigh... tra la la. this is boring... shall end here and save my random crap for my 33rd post. its such a nice number larhs... hahas. toodles.