Monday, October 02, 2006

whee. i took 9mins to bathe... lol. hahas. okayes to continue on my short lil post. ouch... my middle finger hurts... esp when i type with it. feels so weird... hahas. okayes yeah... after the papers today we went to gatecrash joey's hse! wheeee. hahas. at first i was finishing my long overdue letter to sal. den i finished it and was gonna go write joey's letter... apparently it wasnt exactly possible in uhh... the state of un-peacefulness we were in. poor gina... hahas joey ur sis is really really nice larhs. if my sis brot over frens now and made such a big ruckus, i wud chase them out with pots and pans! ohh and maybe the ironing board too... but thats a lil too big. heehee.

anw, so we made a lot of noise yadda yadda. i think now tt the safest place in joey's room is the floor. hahas. everyone was piling onto the bed and there was like this... tangle(?) of limbs... hahas. and yeah obviously alot of screechin from sal and ying. hahaha. in the end me ying and sal went to take a nappy. the rest were like watching anime. stupid ying. go and fight with me for space on the bed. originally i was the only one on the bed... so happy to have it all to myself. den ying comes along and im butted to one corner... wa. ying snores! and you meany. left so much empty space on ur side and left me stuck to the wall... and sal, i sleep lik a dead log. it no wonder that you cudnt wake me up. wheeeee. hahas. haha. the angel of my phone o.O hahas. cal you'll nvr noe who tt is. mwahahaha. -.- jabber jabber jabber. ok lets see... ohh yeah. they were browsing the random contents of my inbox in my phone... is it that interesting? hahas. im so honoured tt u ppl love my phone so much! hahas.

ohh yeah b4 i posted the previous post, i was doing some getting-chased-out-of-your-room-studying. but i barely revised anything... sigh. stoning most of the while. you noe in like 100mins -or so cal says and i trust tt he can well.. read time- i only studied ONE chapter in the history textbook... only ONE. sigh.

chinese tmr. eeks! 4 hours of two compos and two compres. so... strenuous. hahas. is tt how you spell it? no right? okayes i really hope i do ok for tmr... sigh. im dead meat! i havent started studying for science... and you noe theres like.. SO MUCH TO STUDY. and i dont even haf the pp slides.. eeks. but nvm larhs. i can rmbr most of it... science is lik... less hard. hahas.cant wait for exams to be over... im gonna go crazy once its ends. WHEE. hahas shall end this post now since got nth else to say.