Monday, October 02, 2006

wheee. i have 4 mins to finish this post coz i gotta bathe. hahas. so lame. anw, yeah. 3mins left. wadeva. wads chentian's obsession wif tryin to crash ppl's com? or issit jus mine? hmph. lol... cool this webbie tt refreshes so many times a min... wheee. hahas. yeah geog and lang arts paper 1 today. tee hee hee... lang arts was pretty bad... unseen prose dunno wad to write and yeah very short ans... the compo not sure if will do ok. hope i pass! *fingers crossed

geog was jus completely lame! waaaa. i spelt levee at leeve... hahas. ohh and yeah, i forgot wad mt pinatubo was call... knew it was p-sth-tubo. ended up writing mt platubo. hahaha! okayes 1 min left. shall post and den post again once im done bathing. hahahaha. im so lame... WHEEE. ohh and yeah chinese is tmr... 4 hours. FOUR HOURS. i will DIE. sigh. i hope it'd be easy. okkies time to bathe. toodles!