Thursday, September 28, 2006

hello((: wheee im updating during IT again... tralala. i havent done any work for home learning days. i just got more slp! ((x hee hee anw... i dunno wad to say... went for badminton yday in the end. ying owes me cookies! i wanna change my skin... cant find a nice cookie one. COOKIE. xD whee dunno wad to do. sigh im bored with nth to say. ohh yeah. i found a nice strawberry skinn but its PINK. lol... i stil have nth to say.. shall ramble on abt hxh. THERES A MUSICAL! its to 2gb and joey is dling it very slowly heez. its a bittorent file so really slow and seriously i hope it'd be done by end of exams... AHHH. exams... i havent really studied... okayes back to the topic of hxh. ((: hisoka's voice actor acts as hisoka in the musical and its damn funny. i love his acting. and can u believe this? they get this woman who looks lik shes 30 and is really fat to voice act GON! gon is lik 13 yrs old and 13 and 30.... omgosh...*faint. hahas. ohh and the killua in the musical has floppy hair... and kurapica looks darn weird. i tink leorio looks ok. anw, i tink hisoka is like damn cool larhs. he's bungy gum thing. >< omgosh... its like he attaches invisible strings to ppl and controls them like puppets on a string. ((: theres all that dancing and well... is jus freakin cool. he makkes them do dancing and theres this part where he makes the zoady family do this weird dance and illumi comes along and does this dance out of his own will. and hisoka is like shocked and goes "i'm not attached to you, am i illumi? ten finger strings for ten ppl. illumi? illumi? whats with the suddenly cool dancing?" hahas. then illumi finishes his dance and looks at hisoka and says "what are you doing to my family?" and den hisoka looks and away and in this childish playful manner goes "sorry.' and points a finger on his cheek. wheee~ i love hxh! -.- hahas. ohh and the singing is like damn nice too. cept there are times when i dunno who that character is. heehee. okayes nth to say. shall stop now. gonna go find a cookie skin ((: