Thursday, September 07, 2006

today was fun... despite the fact that i had to wake up earlier than norm. anw, i actaully woke up at 7, but went back to slp and woke again at 8 XD hahas. yeah so i got there a few minutes past 9, it was only a FEW minutes. yeah so basketball the typical stuff. though it was quite hard to play in slippers ((x when i left the hse that morning i didnt have the sense to consider proper shoes. but either way, slippers were more convienient for the rest of the day.

yeah so we went to mac after basketball and calvin was so lame... passing food ard and i seriously tink he jus cudnt finish it. rawr. hahas. and mainly all the food passed ard went to dom and david. hahas. yeah and after that was bowling... which i sux at XD hahas. i cud nvr get the ball to go straight. spent most of the time along the gutter. hahas. sigh. i tink i shant talk abt the dare i had to do. too bad to those who weren't there. to be honest, i didnt really mind ((x serious. hahas.

so after that we popped over the bek's hse and kinda made alot of noise. heehee sorry auntie stella >< anw we played maple... i also shant talk about the uh... ps guessing. hahas. calvin is lame... he took my handphone and went to look at the msges. i thought only girls do that... hahas. and dom some more go help him... ):

i just realised that i havent been using many shorforms in this post. wow maybe im just getting into the habit of using proper english...? nah. hahas. no way. okkies gotta go. i decided tt i'll kip my posts short nowadays so tt i can update more often. im so behind in hw. ESPECIALLY REVISION. technically, i HAVENT started. eeks.