Saturday, September 09, 2006

whee! hahas. woke up rather abruptly today... i just finished my breakfast! hahas. yay.... when roller blading yday. fun larhs but only for awhile coz it started raining. sigh. hahas. i'd wanted to go to the sea but aiya... so sad. well after that we did some work... yeah and oooo, the sewing was bad. i hate home ed! arghh. i kept poking myself. sigh. i cant sew ): lols. hahas. all i managed to do was to sew this lope sided star... argh the sequins are irritating... they kip getting in the way. arghh. hahas.

yeah basically yday wasnt very interesting... apparently i fell aslp at 2+ on the fone. hahas. lol im in a rather boring mood. nth left to say as usual... rawr. i think my impersonator on the tag board is ink... she's already wanted by chels so i'll leave chels to kill her. hopefully its a painful death ((x

sigh shall kip this post short. im gonna go digging for chocolatety treasures in my fridge. i rmbr hiding a crunch bar sumwhr... garhs. hahas.