Friday, September 29, 2006

garhs... my blog is so n00b! waaa~ its only like... july august semptember... *counts on fingers... 3 months old! waaaa~ hahas... geog test on monday... shud start studying or sth... hmms? maybe i'll read the textbook tonight! then the file tmr... den the prac paper tmr night... HAHA. as if. i bet by tmr, i wont even haf finished reading my textbook >< is this skin that bad? the gingerbread man look abit wrong... maybe i'll go find a better pic [x

tee hee hee. so ying finally admitted she was the impersonator on my tagboard.... hahas. went to play badminton again... my right arm hurts... ying does urs still hurt? hahas. beky went todae! so happppyyyyy (: am i les? xD. have to do work. have to do work. have to do work. maybe i shud record it on a tape recorder and try to grind it into my thick head... sigh. home econs was a bit weird today... did some cooking and i ended up with this thing i didnt really dare to eat. ohh bek im so hurt! you didnt dare to try! waaaa~ hahas. anws yeah. in the end threw it away... lik tt moneycake-y thingy we made last week. >< hahas. shall go bathe once im done posting...

i still cant believe the exams are here... its like... so fast. and i still rmbr the first day of sch at tao nan... it was scary... i got lost in the sch lol! ((x hee hee. sigh... i wanna go back to pri sch all over again! waaaa~ its really sad... i miss ending sch so early... i miss living relatively close to sch... -- you don't know how far away ny is frm my hse! its... crazy!-- hahas. all american rejects rawk! ((: hahas random blabbering. ohh yeah... and after doing a project on sudoku, i played my first game against joey on msn last night! she owned me lik crap larhs but it was only my first game and shes a pro. xD hahas. i dunno wad to do now... do i have anything else to say?

ohh yeah! waaa~ i cant believe i still cant get my history file from miss ong... went to find her after sch and she wasnt there.... gagas. hahas. i got cookies today! and ate cookies and cream ice cream at pp ><>< hahas. lets see... shud i sleep early tonight? my mom's frens are like coming over tmr so i haf to atually pack my room AGAIN. but im not gonna bother (: hee hee. anw it always messes itself up a day or two later.

i wonder if i shud sign up for chinese tuition... i definitely need the help... but do i haf the commitment? doubt it... >< ohhs and yeah... i dont wanna break my record of nvr having tuition... sigh i'll see how my marks turn out at the end of the year... *fingers crossed. hope its not too bad... hee hee. ohh and yeahs. ying owes me 10 bucks (: but i owe ppl money too... darn. hahas. lalala... lets see wad to talk abt next?

freak it. my mood jus changed for the worst. my mom and sis just had to come in now. NOW. of all times... wads her prob? wads her obsession wif whackin me huh? wads her prob wif me having a blog huh? sigh.... im in no mood to continue... anw its doestn really matter anw. NOTHING matters.