Monday, October 23, 2006

hello...! my name is an anagram of lie in okay... -.- hahas its lame... whee... im bored... yeah i've apparently finished my montauge but its pathetic... wonder if sal has finished hers... hahas. ohh and yeah, i've started on the starting of my story... the one i was discussing wif u joey. or more lik pestering you xD hahas shall i post it up here since i have nth else to write abt? i havent been very active lately... jus sitting at home growing mould and collecting dust. lol... ok this is the starting of some fantasy story im gonna try to write which is tink will fail miserably... hahas...
Ten more minutes... It was going to be midnight soon and Daphne Lucifer laid in bed, awaiting the arrival of her 12th birthday. She watched the second hand of her bedside clock dreamily as it counted down the seconds left till twelve. The dull ticking of the clock echoed softly through the room as it bored its way into her head. Having grown tired of gazing at the numbers, she shifted her position to stare at her bedroom ceiling and eventually, closed her eyes. Slowly, she sank into a deep slumber.

She saw a face looking at her; it seemed old and tired, yet gentle and kind. The soft grey eyes sparkled against the snow-white face. She felt herself being enveloped in warmth and comfort, as though the man before her had stretched out his arms and pulled her into an embrace. She continued to gaze at the face, feeling a strange sense of familiarity, as though she knew the man the face belonged to, as though she had seen it many times before. There was a long moment where nothing was said. Then, she heard a soft whispering; it didn’t seem like words, but more like thoughts which floated along with the songs of silence that danced around her.

As she reached her hand out to touch the face, a sharp scream reverberated against the invisible walls which confined her and the man. The scream tore through the calm, shattering the peace and happiness. The face had contorted into an expression of immense pain, the beautiful eyes now tightly shut as if afraid to open and see what would now stand before them. The warmth and comfort had long fled and in its place lingered an unbearable air of loneliness and anguish.

She stumbled back as whatever had initially blocked and distorted the rest of the man's body quickly disappeared to reveal a being she had never imagined. It had collapsed onto the ground, its body curled up in soundless agony. Wild black hair now covered the face as the man-if it could still be considered one-hung his head low in defeat to the pain which had overwhelmed him. His arms wrapped around his bare chest, as if to keep himself from falling apart. His fingers dug deep into the skin of his back, drawing up crimson-red blood which stood out in sharp contrast to the pale skin.

What left Daphne Lucifer thunderstruck were the leathery protrusions on either side of the man’s now bloody back. They could be considered wings, but were torn and had gashes all over. They hung loosely against the man's helpless body and seemed to tremble ever so slightly. Like the hair, the wings too were inky black.

The man continued to lay there, his arms still around himself and knuckles gone white from having clutched his own flesh so tightly. Then, he looked up at her and she screamed at the sight of his pupil-less eyes, but no sound came from her lips.

She awoke abruptly, sitting up in bed and clutching the bed sheets tightly in her clenched fists. She was panting heavily, temporarily unsure of her surroundings before she remembered that she was still in her bed, far from the dreadful place whose image continued to haunt her mind-if it even existed at all.

She could still remember every sound and every sight; she could remember losing herself in the comforting gaze he offered her and in an instant later, falling down the horrible depths of those cold, white eyes. The whispers before the scream had been planted deeply into her memory and as the image of the man flashed through her mind, she could still hear those words playing continuously in her head.

"Happy birthday, my daughter..."

hahas. there. lol now i jus haf to figure out how to continue it... nvm... shall leave tt for later... cant wait to get the fifth book from sal and start reading... ive suddenly fallen in love wif hary potter books... lol im slow yes i noe. ive been on saturn all this while you see(: