Monday, September 18, 2006

whee. horoscopes are screwed... im supposed to be maternal *coughs coughs and collapses. hahas. ok anw, yeah i jus decided to subscribe to my daily horoscope thing. hahas. aiya so much hw... i've only done maths and raft... eeks. so shi bai. >.< hahas. i'll find a way to do it... its 12.20 hahas. i hope it rains tmr so can go eat ice cream. dont ask me wad does ice cream have to do wif rain. it jus does. lol... ying made choc chips! wheee i'll eat them tmr... wad? do i sound lik some food hungry person? lol i had a sudden stoning session... its now 12.34. lol bout 10mins of stoning wifout realising it. hahas. i wanna go bowling... ooo another stoning thing... its now 12.47... man this entry is boring and getting no where... shud i jus end it here? fine i tink i mite as well do that since ive got nth else to say.... lol?

ok, thats all folks.