Saturday, September 16, 2006

bowling is soooo funnnn! [x hahas. but really... lol... i tink i need to start saving... maybe skip lunch once in awhile. at the rate im spending, garhs... ying wanna go bowling again which means i'll be spending more money again. and yeah... i stil owe her money): nvm. im not gonna pay her back until she returns me my pe shirt... bleahhh! hahas. wa i cant stand being so short. my sis is almost my height liaos. grrr. exactly how do u grow taller? other than jumpin and skippin (?) hahas. sigh....

eeks so much hw for the wkend. i hate cme hw... the stupid NE stuff... garh i cudnt draw tt orchid thingy for tt page and it turned out looking VERY wrong... lol. i cant draw for peanuts. ((: hahas. i didnt hand in my art corrections yday... forgot to bring the orignal one so nvr mind. anw, i still pass by lik 1 mark so yeah who cares lol XD its just art... my only worry is that i did VERY bad for the funny painting thing and it pulls the overall art mark down. then, ill fail... not that it really matters larh coz i dont really care abt art. hahas.

i wanna go shopingggg but i need moneyyyy $.$ hahas. i wann to buy lik bigger shirts coz everything looks so tight now... i seriously think ive grown alot fatter. x.x hahas. sigh. i havent started on revison yet and exams are like... really really SOON. im so dead meat that im rotting, -.- lol im being lame. ok i tink i'll go TRY to do my hw. that sounds really cliche doesnt it? i always seem to say that.