Saturday, September 02, 2006

wheeeee! i havent posted for 10 days liaos. hahas. sal i know i need to change the skin XD i'm waiting for nat to gimme tad hisoka one... man i didnt know sum versions of the manga portrayed hisoka as a gay person or child abuser (?!!) hahaha. nvm i still love him! <33 hisoka is cute larhs. he's just a little... twisted. haha.

yay! skool hols are here! but so much hw. liu lao shi went to give us this THICK stack of w/s... argh... so much work. i tried to make a planner for the hols but as usual, i havent even come close to doing any of the work i was supposed to do... hahas. yeah im gonna do last minute studying. ((x

have you guys gone to see the progress report? was it good? i failed 3 items :( how come ms khoo and mrs tan nvr gif comments too... hahas nvm. now my mom is piling chinese story books on me and forcing me to read them :(

yay! i fixed my avatar's look on imvu! its this really pretty pirate look. she looks chao cool larhs and it cost me less than the radioactive one. hahas. i nid to get some pets and a sword to match. maybe a scene too once i have the money. darn it larhs. imvu isnt recording an recent chats anymore. wads wrong with it? i need some credits from my invites and dey pian pian got prob now :(

lalalala. i wan my hisoka skin nat! XD