Sunday, September 03, 2006

AHHHH. homework! watever *rolls eyes. haha. i'll nvr finish my holiday hw in time, much less study... eeks. im so dead. im choking on doritos... eeeee. *cough cough. hahas. im so lame.... lalala. im going to make shrine for hisoka. lots and lots and lots of pics of him and stick them onto this biggggg piece of paper and paste it to my wall XD yesh! i loveee hisoka mwahahaha. do i sound like a lunatic? if yes, skip the next 2 paragraphs. if no continue reading. hahas.

hisoka is hawt ((x i love hisoka. i love his first outfit. the one wif a bandana thingy tied to his waist and the blue hair. then again, his red hair is nice too.... i dont like the last few outfits. all the weird white white ones... i tink he is spastic larhs... you know there was once at the celestial tower or sth lik tt, he was having this fight with this guy who could materialize a double of himself. hisoka's right arm got ripped off and he actually bit into it and ate a piece of flesh.

then, he suddenly decided to perform this weird magic trick. he threw alot of cards on to the floor (cards as in the normal cards with the king queen etc thing) and said pick one. then, he gave a string of instructions like minus this plus that blah blah, and finally he was lik "and you'll get..." and he pulled a card out of his ripped off arm and presented an ace card o.O hahas. how morbid... and also right, the guy decided to rip off hisoka's left arm and went he charged at hisoka, apparently by some magic trick hisoka's right arm became attached again and he attacked the person who charged at him which turned out to be the guy's double. then the crowd was like omg and hisoka stood there and laughed happily and said something like "thats another one of my tricks" gosh hisoka is cute! ((x ok story telling over. XD

lalala. i dunno wad to say. to those who skipped the 2 paras, you missed a nice story of hisoka and his morbid-ness. hahas. anw, i tink im gonna die larhs. how to finish my work... still going ice skating and theres still b ball argh o.O

ok. i shall do history now... RITE. *rolls eyes again... fine maybe i'll TRY to do history. ((x hahas