Sunday, October 08, 2006

sigh... i feel... strangely relieved. lik some great weight has been lifted off my shoulders... like everything is more relaxed now... hahas. i guess you get the idea. well yeah, i dont really have much to say, just updating this for updating's sake. hahas. well, no sch tmr and on tues, shud start preparing for math. well, i'll try. anw, at paya lebar today wif my mum and sis, i was listening to this really nice song on my shuffle, and jus now i cudnt rmbr wad song it was. hahas. anw, i found it in the end. its one of those many a1 songs. ohh a1 rules~ hahas. they're really not bad you noe? hahas. though sometimes they sound a bit weird but on the whole its okaye. anw, yeah this is the song. hahas. its IF ONLY by a1. hahas. the lyrics are nice i guess. like a rose is nice too. hahas. whee. oohh yeah. ying its so unfair! you get money to revise. hmph. waaaa. $.$ well, lets see what else i can jabber on abt... ohh yeah. ice milo is nice. hahas. random-ness? and chels, why did you call me and ask me whter i rmbr how to make a banana shake? hahas. anw, it wasnt nice. banana shakes arent really good. make a oreo one. i tink u dump in oreo bits, vanilla ice cream and some other random things. xD hahas. the funfair was so long ago, wad makes you think i can still rmbr how to make. anw, the funfair was rather rediculous. i rmbr being very barbaric to the banana. i sorta jus grabbed it and wrenched it into half. hahas. then like dump into the blender and then throw in all the other random things. hahas. it was really gross. everything jus sort of just of turned into mash. hahahaha. okayes. ohh and yeah the person who ordered it kinda looked at me with this very freaked out look. hahas. it was really funny. and i didnt get to actually spend my coupons. just donated them to the stall and also spent most of it buying left over ice cream. oooo. i rmbr swearing nvr to eat strawberry ice cream again. hahas. fond memories... hahas. so corny xD was the oreo shake that nice? i rmbr making it alot but i nvr really got to taste it. but there were times where i made too much and dumped the extra into a cup and drank it for myself. hee hee. xD wheee. funfair was kinda fun on the whole i guess... wheee. hmmms... shud i end this post here? im kinda not used to the chuncky-ness of this. "i see an angel and sees me too." hahas. a line from an a1 song... jus happened to be playing a song and i was wondering what else to say. ((:

GREAT. why issit that my mum has to come ruin my mood everyday? esp while im updating... sigh. she just came in again... and was like, "show me what your doing on the com! *pause awhile* blogging! what are you doing on a blog huh?! dont need to study issit? you better study i tell you. if you dont get over 75 you watch out!" she like just whacked me on the head and went off...i think she is crazy. 75? not even sal managed to get 75 for lang arts-no offence, i jus meant to say ur really pro at LA. the only way i cud get 75 is if i multiply my marks by 2. sigh. i just realised, if she had told me that before the lang arts paper, i wud haf done badly on pupose. so now is maths left. fine i shant study then. its not like she actually cares. sigh. all she can be bothered abt is my sis. she doesnt even help me with my homework. she doesnt help me revise. she just expects good grades to pop out of no where. she just goes "study!" and then expects me to know everything. and whats her prob? today on my way to my grandma's hse i was lik reading comics while walking and she was lik "stop reading or -sth sth sth-" cant rmbr actually. and den after awhile i started reading again and she said i was starting to get defiant (?!!) ha. ha. reading while walking? it doesnt even come close to being a significant thing. i do that everyday. hahas. wad kinda of prob does she haf? she doesnt even noe one quater of the things i do. sigh. shall end now b4 i get start blabbering on abt other stuff my mum yelled at me for and some random scolding my dad gave me which didnt really register. i was stoning. ha.