Thursday, June 21, 2012

Touching base

Hello, quick update on life~~

I've ended work already with my last day being last Sunday on the 17th. Walked away with a couple of abrasions after breaking in a new pair of heels oops. The day before, my auntie and I did some crude tinkering with the heels to make them fit better hahaha. She actually sewed the straps tighter so... who knew that could be done? Good thing she did though, I was tottering after the MP who just dashed right through registration and almost went off without us even realising he was the VIP. Anyway, it was Race Day so I finally set foot in the Turf Club and tried my hand at losing money. It was just too tempting with the crazy convenience of verbal betting counters with no queue. The whole venue just looked so posh, too bad I don't have the photos we took inside the dining area. Need to figure out who has them~~ It was a happy-sad last day, really exciting but somehow I'll miss my colleagues. The hugs and well-wishes were really nice :') Nevertheless, I won't miss waking up early every morning, squeezing on to MRTs to get to work and staring at the computer screen for hours on end. Not that I don't still stare at the computer screen a lot hee hee. But honestly, for a first job I think I've had a pretty fun experience. Who normally shops for computers and washing machines at work??? Preparing for the Ball and Race Day was nice too; I'm really happy both events turned out great and I got to attend them. (even though I sort of lost my day's pay at the Race Day, I can see why it's so addictive) I wonder if they've found a replacement for me yet :/

That aside, I've just confirmed my room for Angsana. Single corridor room with aircon! ^^ I'm really looking forward to checking in and all. It's so exciting to sort of be "moving out". So much more freedom but also so many more responsibilities. I have a feeling I'll just end up rewearing clothes a lot because I'll forget to wash them hahaha. I just really hope I don't hate my course/totally suck at it. Somehow I need to try and remember what studying feels like. Oh, I guess I should get to work on reading my BTT book hahas. Oh and I think I'll be bringing in lots of furniture to pimp my room hahaha. Too bad bathrobes are not considered appropriate attire, cause since I opted for a single gender floor I was hoping I could just go back and forth between the toilet and my room in a bathrobe instead of carrying all my clothes all over the place. I imagine the sight of me wandering about in a giant grey bathrobe with pink polka dots might be too traumatising hahas.

I'm gonna go get ready for bed now so that this panadol can fully kick in. Thanks to someone I can't get the image of grilled salmon pasta out of my head T_T