Monday, June 11, 2012

A random pointless rant

NEW LAPPIE! I can't believe how long I spent at the IT fair on friday and saturday, but after walking around being fickle for hours and hours I left at around 9+pm (the fair closed at 9 hahaha) on saturday with a samsung series 5 ultrabook. I hate to say it but on the outside it's mind-numbingly boring. It's a dull silver-grey that's about one shade darker than silas. What a terrible waste because the screen is awesome! It's a good thing I'll be spending more time looking at the screen than at the cover. The keyboard is pretty alright but not as pretty as the series 7's (who can resist backlit keyboards! They look like stepping stones to heaven which is totally what the screen is on the 15.6" version! I literally sighed in happiness just staring at that screen) If I were a guy (meaning taller, buffer and stronger; and possibly more into gaming meaning more sedentary use of a computer) I'd have gotten that and just carried that 2+kg work of art around because it's all worth it. Then every time I open it up I can just sigh in bliss ^^

Anyway, I still got the series 5 even though I hated how it looked but I was trying very hard to be less superficial. It's not to the point of hideous but it's kinda... ugly. And most likely going to be very common and even more boring. But those are really superficial points. Once I start using it and forget that it looks like a dead slab of rock I'm a satisfied girl. But still... there were prettier models. I liked how the super new 15.6" series 9 model looked but the keyboard was so flat and spaced-out I couldn't type on it at all. I like my keys to be springy ^^ The cheapest version of the series 9 was pretty nice too, except its 128SSD was a major turnoff because I'm a hoarder of all things useless and space-consuming. Actually, that 128SSD applied for a lot of ultrabook-type laptops :/ Oh and it was also 13.3" which is wayyyyyyyyy too tiny.

I'm not even sure why I bought the series 5. I never considered it until people started telling me about how buying a Dell laptop would be like "digging my own grave". (Ahem~) No one seemed to be able to explain why Dell is so bad but it was kind of worrying to realise it has such a terrible reputation. Or maybe it's just a lack of marketing? But the Dell Inspiron 14z was really appealing for me and I would have gotten it if not for all the advice against it and the extremely disappointing laptop screen. Everything else was pretty groovy, especially since it's processor is newer than the s5's and it has a much more unique look and feel. I can't get over how the s5 looks like Silas' anorexic clone. I need to name my s5 soon and maybe after it starts kicking my ass at chess I'll grow a little more fond of it. I'm still typing this on Silas though! For a Lenovo I'm really proud of it even though it's a lot slower now and my battery life is approximately 10minutes. The graphic card seems to have big issues too with my screen blacking out quite often. Oh well, these things happen with old age. (When I'm old and cranky I'd be lazy and slow too) The most important point is that Silas and I have history *big hug* ^^

Wow. I can't believe I spent this whole post talking about my lappies @@