Thursday, June 28, 2012


I really need to start making plans on what I will do before my life degenerates into a giant mash of bed book food. I MUST PLAN!!

When I wake up later, hopefully before 10am, I WILL MEET YING FOR LUNCH/BRUNCH. Then we will pick up zinc, who is finally peeling from Sunday hahaha, and we will have a cultured afternoon trying to bang some piano bits into me. Sounds totally achievable. Then dinner with the silly boy and if I'm feeling disciplined, bedtime by midnight (unlike tonight oops).


On a side note, I'm amazed how I haven't burst the limit on my NETS/debit card after my recent splurging. Ordered Supre, Threadless (omg 209.82USD wtfhowdidthathappen, the 9.99 sales are plain cruel T^T) and  today I went on a shopping trip cleverly disguised as a running-errands trip to get my ink stamps and bag. And other random stuff that I happily got distracted by along the way hahahaha. Camped at The Little Book Shop and Starbucks with ying+zinc to have waffles and well, starbucks. The new Hojicha drink is pretty nice! Green tea red bean is really just the green tea frappe with red beans, I'm pretty disappointed although I'm not exactly sure what I had been expecting to start with. Oh I finally read the first few pages of my BTT book! Achievement unlocked hahaha! #likeasloth

I'm in a really self-amusing mood at the moment whee~~ I'm also afraid to log into my ibanking to find out what's left of my account. I can't bear to look at the piteous remains of my 3-months' pay.

~~~~~$$$$$$ [    ]

And that is an emoticon of money flying out a window hahahaha. Right, self-amusement HAHAHA. Ok I need to stop being creepyweird. Oh yeah, I don't know if he comes here BUT OMG DUDE YOU MUST STOP STALKING MY SIS PLEASEEEEEZ. That stalking counts as being creepyweird too!

Goodnight world~!