Monday, August 24, 2009


it was the first day of cookie sales for fundraising today and to my utmost surprise, we actually had a crowd. wow. who knew our school loved cookies so much. but i'm really worried about the additional cookies we ordered. there may not be as many repeat buyers, and though we sold out today, we may end up with leftovers for tomorrow. i mean we ordered 280 more for tuesday and wednesday, which would mean that we need at least 140 more people to buy from us tomorrow. that's... really a lot. but i suppose we'll need the extra sales, since our profit margin isn't as high as we'd like but seeing as how people keep accusing us of ripping people off, we don't really have much of a choice.

either way, trying to memorise chinese poems is deathly hard. me and ying ying and i were making a fool (fools?) of ourselves at the waffle place today where we tried to study and the staff ended up laughing at us and commenting and occasionally asking us random questions or answering our noobish questions when we couldn't read the chinese characters in our notes. sigh. i hope i dont mix everything up tomorrow :X

(emperor wang entrusted to the cuckoo his spring passion!)

sigh. i think i shall give up studying. seeing as how i don't even know what subjects we're tested on. and... gah i need to restrain myself. though i suspect i may have been egyptian in some previous lifetime, seeing as how im obsessed with pyramids which i obviously can't own and hence chose to surround myself with insane amounts of pyramid studs. but... that is a rant for another time. i am just too broke right now.