Thursday, August 20, 2009

an empty purse makes for a heavy heart

i suddenly really hope i end up in the work experience program; i would really appreciate the pay, no matter how measly.

honestly, it sucks to be unemployed. and i would say it sucks to be a student, but seeing as how there are student offers and prices, there are some plus points to still be studying. regardless, i want to be richhhhhhhhhh. (recalls a similar conversation with zinc)

and... life is too distracting. especially since ying's package is sitting on my table and i'm simply itching to tear it open. i'm not sure why, but some instinctive part of me just likes opening wrapped items, even if the item is wrapped in a plain brown envelope. sigh, it's been years since i received a real wrapped present that i could tear open.

and since i'm not doing work, which is hardly surprising, i should go to sleep -.-

but i don't really want to, since i'm savouring my first night of actually having working lights after goodness how long. sitting in the dark rushing out my mathematics portfolio was simply so depressing i wonder why i havent turned to self-mutilation yet. and i suppose the next thing to look forward to is to being able to use the aircon. sigh, sucks to be me.

Altsding lozst zich ois mit a gevain.
Everything ends in weeping.