Monday, June 02, 2008

i'm a bittergourd

and i've never eaten one before o.O hehs. bom training today was quite fun, surprisingly. i think i'm addicted to chewing gummm! ahhh! it's the only thing that keeps me awake. and i was so damn sleepy today cause i had to wake up at like 5.30. reached school about 7.30 and was thoroughly woken up when lao shi drove passed waving in that very happy lao shi way. and then ang jl drove passed as well and he was like... stone. then suddenly his hand bobbed up and down. zzz. weird teachers. my dad seems to think lao shi is like, a china woman. *gasp*

but yeah so for the bom training they made us light this candle thing which looked vaguely like a cowbell and then went about doing stations. zzz. then they did the weird kidnapping thing and oh, we were in four groups so four ppl were like dumped at the staircase to the shooting range there. so me and amanda and two sec 1s were like kidnapped and so sat there stoningggggg away before our groups found us. and the way they kidnapped xing ning was so... lame. they like told her miss sabrina wanted to see her and like gah. i still think they should have just used potato sacks.

so basically my group finished first, heh heh. but our poor candle sort of burnt out at our last station, so there was this short stump left in the toilet cause it got too hot to hold. like what a crappy place to like.... die off. then after that we played this game. its like the obs one where you run, meet in the center and play scissors paper stone, cept when you crash ur supposed to sit down to avoid violence. o.O but then my group like lost so the other group sprayed water at us with those really cute water guns that looked like polka dotted green dinosaurs :D

after that was some lecture on youth day fun fair and i freaked out when i realised elsa hasnt started. it's on 4th july! ahhhh~! and bea goes on holiday tmr morning so there goes one committee head. and ying is like. in china. *flails hand in that retarded kai way*

so yeahs we had that talk called team building, the "yong tau fu" way. basically it was quite fun, and ms chee (the one that used to be a dean or sth) showed us some short video clips and some were from that qi gong zhu korean show! but damn sad younan didn't appear :(

he's hot :D

heh. this post is so long o.O oh and i've come to the conclusion that me and joey are bittergourds and ying and sal are fishballs. hahahas. fishballs are the one that have a tendency to roll around, aka short attention span and really random but funny people. and bittergourds are like really pessimistic people who believe in murphy's law of what can go wrong will go wrong. heh. oh and in jo's case, she thinks too much as well. oh and i suspect a large bulk of the guai kias in our class are bee hoons. chilli... i think pam's a chilli. hmms. dunno :D

ahhh food and fun fair. my head's gonna roll.... WAAAAA~!