Wednesday, June 04, 2008

new counter

look at that cute little thing up there! it's so adorableeee :D hahaha. anw, i don't expect to get a lot of hits, but omg that thing is sooooooo cute :D hahahaha.

anw, i was rather upset yesterday cause my sis ate all the cookies but my mum bought more so yay :D cookies are the loveeeee. mmms.

right, being really random. and i don't know why. blah. stupid aeroplane just zoomed past. so damn noisy. heh. i just remembered that it used to take me a very long time to get the spelling of aeroplane right. hippotamus? looks wrong. oh. the correct spelling is hippopotamus. anw, there was once me and sal took a cab home and the taxi driver was trying to convince us that hippopotamus was spelt like in some way and sal was saying it was spelt another way. (me being a crappy speller decided to just watch) so yeahs i think sal went back to check and apparently he was wrong. but what the heck. some taxi drivers are funny. like there was once i was with ying and bea and i think queenie or something. ok not sure who was there but the taxi driver was telling us some funny rhyme about nanyang girls....

which i cant remember at the moment. but i think it had something to do with walking and butts.